Listen to Spotify together.Share your music and chat simultaneously with a friend or stranger.
Start ListeningOnly available for Spotify Premium members
Stay in Sync

When you add a track or update the playback on your device, Duotonic updates for everyone in your lobby, so you never get out of sync.


Pretty GirlClairo
SelflessThe Strokes
Group Chat

Discuss your favorite music, find new favorites, or just chat for fun — all in real time, directly in the site.

  • micah 6:04 PM


  • sawyer 6:04 PM

    Hey what's up

  • sawyer 6:04 PM

    what kind of music are you into

  • micah 6:05 PM

    oh I don't know

  • micah 6:05 PM

    why don't you choose first?

  • sawyer 6:05 PM


Listen with a friend or stranger

Connect with friends, or meet someone new on Duotonic. You can either send a link to a friend, or wait in queue to be paired up with another random listener.

Free and Open Source

Duotonic is a free service on top of Spotify Premium, and all of it's code can be found online.